Sunday, December 9, 2007

lorD of waR

World is not exactly as beautiful as some people thinks it is…also it is not getting any better than yesterday. So what does one do? do you get your kicks before the house comes down, do you move out, or do you grab on to the pillars at the same time trying to convince some one to re-lay the foundation.

I saw, "The Lord of War" the other day and its one of the better movies of recent times for me. I can safely say now that I really wanna know whats happening around me and not just get entertained by watching something that allows me to turn a blind eye and like I said earlier “get my kicks before the house comes down”.
Awareness, is it enough? No. but it is the bare minimum. Why should I live in a state of ignorance? Agreed, its better than living in a state of denial which might happen If beyond awareness I pretend my innocence and comfort others around that the world is Not That Bad After All.

Anyways, time now is to open myself to all kinds of realities, Socio-economic-political and the rest you can’t categorize, does not make them any less hard hitting.


manu said...

Pretense of innocence that the world is not that bad after all? well, that reminds me of a common fren...
'Lord of war' was a gud movie and your words seem to be chosen to hint to awaken the dormant inquisitve youth.
Awareness - the bare minimum and ignorance -(the cliched) bliss can be argued at these times when knowledge/information is of paramount importance.
But remember everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects. I mean c'mon how much can one know...can be expected to know!
All in all two refreshing articles.

Two things :
u leave reader with a thirst for more...write longer.
how bout a musical touch to the blog.

Kuber said...

The attempt is not really to awaken the dormant but to make sure that there is some consistensy in knowing more and not becoming dormant ever so often...most of our kinds feel this way intermitently jus cuz we not affected..