Wednesday, February 6, 2008

From LEEDS, taking stock

It’s been about a week and a half since I’ve come to the U.K.
I had always deliberated traveling abroad. The idea was fascinating, n I know for some it just isn’t. What can I study? the opportunities, the experience, the interactions etc. basically how can I jus get out and c wt the rest of it looks like. And before I had much time to consider the option of making this trip, I was already making it. No time to think “well, how’s it gonna be ??”.
Wicked ! ain it?

Anyways, its not without expectations that I came around. And, I must say it’s been pleasant tending on chilly (pun intended) so far.
I wouldn wanna elaborate on whats gone on cuz it would not make a fun read.
All I’d say is that coming abroad to study, specially the circumstances that I have in (as an exchange student) is invigorating.
Whatever traveling for pleasure might be, this definitely isn’t.
One can simply take out a lot of the allure and substitute it with pragmatism.
You gotta do your own chores. Not every one is rich. The proportion of fools don’t change. Language (atleast the accent) does, again with every 5 miles. Loads of friendly blokes around. Culture, may I suggest those harping about the lack of it, I’ll have to check on America(greedy am I not). Services expensive products cheap so on and so forth.
K now incase all ya wonderin why such positivity, bloody anglophile and the rest of it slung, Leeds is a student town with a massive international student population from across the world. Perhaps, the reason it is so lively and friendly.
Education, sports and clubbing/pubbing - top notch in this part of the world and whoever tells me we’re getting there I think we’re jus being too lazy about it. These folks are grown ups in these regards and they know it. I got the opportunity to meet the coordinator of the youth Common wealth Games,Pune. She was around to partner with the sports faculty of the Uni cuz its super .I’ll save my comments on that for the future.

Kai, so my opinion of 12 days might be biased, but who gives a shit anyways.

All said and done, there is plenty that I’d miss eventually. At the same time I hope the dip isn round the corner.



ATUL said...

Hmmmm....Do see Armley Mills Industrial Museum

Leeds Industrial Museum...

Working machinery that turned Leeds into a great industrial City. Try to visit when the 100 year old steam engine is fired up. See also the waterwheels. The mill shows how the indusrial revolution which started in Brtitain changed the World and made Britain a wealthy country.

The mill also contains a selection of cinema projectors. There are occasional shows at the 1920s cinema.

PS: keep brogue at bay!!

vikram gill said...

Jungle, what are you doing in Leeds?

brijesh tripathi said...

a o ao ,
waiting for more....

manu said...

kuber wat can i study! now commo...yeh toh nahiiiii socha hoga... experiences yes, interactions yes.... study naaaah!

Kuber said...

Right atul..wassun expecting industrial revolution show advice frm u..somethins fishy mate..they don serve single malts there, do they...? cuz they do in a converted church here..its called TAPS..

YEah Gillz, in Leeds, Best i could make of my MBA ..this ws an exchange opportunity ...they gave freeship n ol, i gobbled it..

Do confess the course n ol bullshit ws jus dat, an excuse..

keta.. said...

my sixth sense tol me u up to somethin big.. was tryin ur number for a week now.. n here i got this, blog updation.. and voilla.. LEEDS! wat DEEDS took u there??!?!

Kuber said...

if could do some right(deed) a change i got lucky..or did i , will know when i'm back..