Friday, April 11, 2008

Friends:the sob story

The other day I was at the gym, where all the four TVs were playing Friends the famous and supposedly funny story of 3 men and 3 women in New York city.
There is no doubt that the show is a phenomenon and will have a place in the history of civilization if some sociologist does a research on its effect on the funny sensibilities of a generation. My Generation.

But I think the time has come to move on. To stop laughing at the same technique repeatedly. I am obviously not recommending suppressing your laughter if you pass by an electronics showroom that’s selling TVs, Friends and New York.
What I am suggesting though is alternate humour, the one that’s all around us.
Also, I’m suggesting to all the comedy show producers there is a serious void created and Friends has long reached saturation and the time is ripe for another Cult series. To think about it there might be one out there that I have missed.

I’m no critique of comedy show’s but I do know what people at Friends have successfully done is create distinct characters who have a certain funny quotient which is only funny in the presence of the other characters. It’s easy and brilliant just like most of the other brilliant stuff, uncomplicated to face.

So what’s worrying? The fact that there is an army of mini Chandlers, Joey’s and Monica’s being created. You see people trying so hard to copy their style that they forget, they cant possibly replicate the context, even if they start staying opposite 2 reasonably pretty looking girls in a “New York like” city flat.
Also, not as worrying is the fact that all the TV stars have a career graph that has just one peak, a 10 yr or so peak tho.. and they make a living off royalties etc.
Reason simply being the friends lens wit which audience watches all their other performances.

So all those who remember every dialogue, the one wit’s n the rest… friends is not the only freakin source of humour…take your mates out for a beer and explore their potential and yours.

*the opinion itself might be freakin outdated


Anonymous said...

I don't know and don't think that the opinion is outdated simply because even today there will be hundreds of youngsters around the world who will confirm with the broadest smile on them faces that friends is their favourite sitcom till date. That will always be because of the kind of humour 'friends' touched upon. Never before was it done, and I am not too sure it can be followed by a more different and better homour tinge.

But you can really move on when you get bored of something. I mean I still laugh at it, Don't think am bored yet. Don't think many are bored yet! I am no doubt one among the general lot.

But yes it will reach its point. With you it shows it already has.

Anonymous said...

What would the world come to when Chandler isn't funny anymore. The 3 ladies never were. Joey was a fake, and the prof. a live disney toon.
...maybe hitting the pub always was the best idea...2 beers...karaoke... 2 more beers... flirting humor.. tequila#1... groping humor... tequila#2... cheap sex humor.. tequila#3... guy hits ground!

yea the Friends humor hit the tipping point years ago ;)

-Gautam - the kleptomaniac from palm meadows (paranoid android)

Kuber said...

Nice one dat one..
For those of u who don know Mr. anonymous, populary known as Seth for reasons more obvious than malicious, he is my reference of people who remembered every "the one wit's" its ammazing, how sardar thot he could give him credit he aactually did, but by then Seth had aquired legendary status by memorising sound tracks nol and guessing by the background score the episode playing..
As for anonymous 1..i'd say to each his own , i mean i'm sure there are many episodes of friends i still haven seen...n could possibly hit the couch wit u on dat or someelse :)