Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Second to all day-tripper?

As a tourist in an unknown famous town what is your identity?

Famous cities make you less significant. That’s what happened to me when I was walking ‘all over London’ (intended) for a week. Not that many knew me in Leeds or Delhi or Pune, but me knowing those cities and people there gave me a false sense of worthy existence.

At the same time wandering alone in an unknown place gives me a notorious sense of freedom, time to ponder, play day-tripper, second to all.

Here is a piece that I wrote while on the move in London city:

4th June 2008

I walked streets yesterday n today…God knows what I was looking for, until today when I managed to strap myself with a flouroscent* band at The Metro (which I entered thru the back door, another story in itself) next to the Tottenham court station giving me access to a dozen almost secretive in their soul type of gig locations (I am so tempted to call it London’s underground scene, but honestly I wouldn know). Appropriately, this event is called city-showcase encouraging upcoming talent from all across England and some European artists too..

Yeah so at The Metro after watching some practice sessions as I was there early I’ve come The Fly on New Oxford street, where I’ve heard someome’s doing a Reggae act..

Right, I think there on..laterz

5th June 2008

So from where I left yesterday, I heard this R&B set by artists who called themselves ‘Queens English’, local band (see the irony). Anyways massively talented, super attitude and loads of fun. Anyways after their set I strolled back to The Metro. This time in thru the front door,, just when I was thinking not as exciting as the backdoor, the doorman asked me to get rid of my ‘sparkling water’ bottle. It wassun really that sparkling know. Anyways he din mind the hip-flask…strange..maybe he knew better. Now then, by now it was late and the place was packed. ‘When Gravity fails’ an upcoming English rock band were playing, nice one. Stuck around for another hour or so and headed back on the tube to Wembley…

---So I was in London for a week, mostly alone, met a few people for brief periods and moved on. I was strangely restless. Its really weird you know when one joblessly moves at the pace of a city as fast as London. Its not like I had a job to do a place to be, still.

It was exciting yeah but I liked Leeds better which was more easy paced inspite of pressures of the day nol(hardly)…more English u c… It was a crazy bit of 4 odd months that I cannot paint a word(th)y picture of, highly recommended tho…..



Anonymous said...

u definitely had more fun than what u sounding like dude...

In amore said...
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In amore said...

Lucky man

Traveling to these many cities and experiencing the sheer cultural diversity (english or not) is as amazing as u make it sound am sure ;)

To think of some people have been stuck in a rut since years and will be for many years to come. Your recommendation will be seriously considered.