Thursday, December 10, 2009

What up with you Stranger

Have you wondered as I often do what the unknown stranger is doing/thinking.
Like the guy stuck between cars in his cycle when I’m on bike right in the middle of the economic divide.
Or like the lazy kid of rich daddy who’s made enough money and lost all sense of humour. Tell the kid use your body when you play a sport not your mouth. It’s not a head thing mate, it’s a heart thing. O sorry u’re growing in the age of superlative practicality and the last time you heard the word heart was when your folks called a cheesy movie well “cheesy”….”It doesn’t make any sense”. This is just a reflection of what I feel right….I’m tending towards left of centre…towards where most of my heart is I believe… But now that I’ve taken a jealous dig at the rich I’ll get back to the point of this one….
…we hear so much of others now n then….but how do we be so much of you and me. I don’t mean empathise and piss in someone else’s shoes and wet them if is just a precautionary piss. I’m talking about being someone else, and no not like in the movies……I want to realllllly be someone else for a bit…..and no I don’t wanna stay there,,,, I wanna get back to me…… but yeah….have you wondered like I wonder….”he definitely has an ugly grumpy wife”…. “it would be good to train like he does” the “support the undeserving bastard has”…… “why the fuck does he wanna be a fucking chick magnet”.
“How can he be a hair dresser and not love hair”… “Why can he not stop talking about his qualities or his rocking college life” …. “How shamelessly self conscious is this bugger to wear what he’s wearing”
Silence guys…please,,,,,,lets swap quick… ones watching…….done…..he he… no not done…..

PS. Ok…caveat….I don’t wana be chick even for a second……

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Anonymous said...

Title it right then 'What up with you He-Stranger'